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Import or Create Tasks

Whether crafting tasks from scratch or effortlessly importing them from Soaring Spot, Vulture puts task management in your control.

SkySight Integration

Stay ahead with weather updates from SkySight, effortlessly overlaid on your map. Plan your flight with all the essential information at your disposal.

Export Your Task

Easily export your tasks as cup, LXNAV Nano, or flarmcfg files. This way, you can seamlessly import them into your IGC-approved device before taking off.

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Explore Your Flights

Effortlessly review one or multiple flights side by side, enabling effortless comparisons. View data graphs for various flights and relive the experience with added details through replays.

In-Depth Calculations

Our platform excels in performing vital calculations, presenting you with valuable statistics. From optimized distance to altitude gained, longest leg, soaring duration, and airspace infringements, our calculations leave no detail uncovered.

Import Your Flights

Effortlessly import your flights from an IGC file or choose to download them from WeGlide, SkyLines, Soaring Spot, or the Charron. Your soaring adventures are at your fingertips.

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Discover all features that Vulture has to offer.

In-Flight iPhone / Apple Watch

Recording & Save

Initiate the recording of your in-flight adventure to generate an IGC file. Recording begins automatically upon acceleration, allowing you to preserve your flights within Vulture upon landing—accessible on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Map View

Access a live map display that showcases your present position, complete with airspace details and loaded waypoints from Vulture. Immerse yourself in the Vulture experience while soaring.

Navigate to Waypoints

Select a waypoint for seamless navigation. Waypoints are loaded from your files, simplifying flight path planning and execution. Your journey, your waypoints, all effortlessly managed.

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Discover all features that Vulture has to offer.

More features

Airspace & Waypoints

Simplify the import of your airspace and waypoints files. Whether it's a manual import or a download from openAIP or the XCSoar repository, updates are applied automatically when newer versions are available.

Sync Across Devices

Enjoy effortless synchronization of your imported flights across all your devices through iCloud. Your flight details, tasks, waypoints, and airspaces are seamlessly accessible on every device.

Flight Upload

After your journey, take advantage of the opportunity to upload your flight to a range of supported online services, including WeGlide, SkyLines, and Soaringlab. Sharing your soaring adventures has never been easier.

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Discover all features that Vulture has to offer.


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